Championing Ability
Enabling Success for 25 Years

For twenty-five years we have been working to ensure that individuals have an opportunity to enter the workforce, earn a fair wage, and reach their full potential.

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This year, The Home Depot celebrates a 25-year partnership with Ken’s Krew, a nonprofit organization that provides job training, placement, and support for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities. More than 500 young adults are currently employed at Home Depot stores across nine states.

What We Do

Through our time-tested model of one-on-one skills assessment and vocational training, we help individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities find and retain meaningful jobs.

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Who We Serve

With nearly 500 members employed across 9 states, our Krew works for companies ranging from The Home Depot to CVS Caremark.

Support Us

One of the greatest challenges facing individuals with disabilities is securing employment. With your support, we can expand our program to those in need.

Make a difference.

Employment is our mission. If you’re passionate about empowering the disabled community apply to work for Ken’s Krew.  

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