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Championing Ability...Enabling Success

One of the challenges for individuals with special needs is finding and retaining meaningful jobs in the mainstream work world. We know from experience that, with opportunity and support, individuals with developmental disabilities are able to work hard, learn, achieve and deeply enrich workplace culture. And through satisfying work, they gain confidence, independence, and become productive members of the community.

Ken's Krew enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully enter the workforce by providing access to good jobs and to professional training and support to prepare for and sustain employment.

Through our time-tested model of one-on-one skills assessment, vocational training, job access and continuous support, we help individuals perform at their highest levels in jobs at The Home Depot and CVS Caremark Pharmacies.

As employees, Ken's Krew enables our participants to experience success, camaraderie and appreciation from their peers and communities. Their employers and co-workers are often surprised by the impact of their contributions on the work environment. And families see personal growth and professional development as signs their loved ones are on a typical path toward increased independence, productivity and integration.

"All of you involved with Ken's Krew should take great pride in what you have accomplished - what you are doing for these wonderful people is nothing short of spectacular. I am so honored to have a minor part in this effort." — Ken Langone, Co-Founder of the Home Depot

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