The Program

Recruiting: Ken's Krew networks with local school districts, state employment agencies and other service organizations to identify appropriate candidates who possess skills that will match the needs of the employer.

One-On-One Intensive Training: Ken's Krew professional vocational coordinators spend approximately 6 to 8 weeks training each associate to ensure workplace readiness before employment. Only those individuals who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the intensive training are able to continue working at The Home Depot or CVS.

Job Matching: Intense focus on each individual allows vocational coordinators to match abilities and skills with employer needs, improving the odds of a successful placement for both the individual and the employer.

Jobs Pipeline: The Home Depot and CVS Caremark stores provide competitive employment opportunities and a supportive work environment for qualified Ken's Krew participants.

Management Support: Vocational coordinators monitor the progress of each associate and work closely with store management to address problems and provide additional training and support as needed throughout the term of employment. Co-workers are engaged in support roles as well, thereby strengthening the employee's support structure and social network.

Continuing Education: Ken's Krew provides ongoing vocational workshops, skills development and social networking opportunities through its The Krew program format. These monthly group meetings foster idea sharing, camaraderie and networking for the employees and their families. Meeting attendance is required of all employees in the program.

Social Skills & Networking: In addition to developing new skills, confidence and a track record of success, Ken's Krew participants build a network of friends who share common experiences through work. Similarly, participant families create valued connections with other parents and a community of resources and support.

Family Involvement: Ken's Krew insists that parents or guardians fully support the requirements of both the employer and the program. Without parent/guardian support, the chances for long-term success are greatly reduced.

Community Connections: Ken's Krew connects with other professionals to identify the best resources available for participants and families, including special interest disability groups, developmental disability services, rehabilitation services and transition councils.

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